Tasty Iced Tea Recipe

Tips for making iced tea
Use fresh tea. Best thing is to prepare the drink with fresh tea oils that give tea its fragrance will lose over time. You must use tea in strands, not bags or bags. If you have a neighborhood Chinese nearly as much better because you can try varieties of tea.

Use filtered tap water or mineral water.
It uses water boiling it is black tea, herbs or tea oolong and cold water to make green tea or lighter teas. If you are using water boiling these last teas can prove to be bitter.
Use between a teaspoon and a half and two per cup of water when the tea leaves are large or when they are flowers and a teaspoon per Cup when it's more compact and dense, leaves than usual in black teas.

If you don't want to wait for the tea to cool only can do stronger so that compensate for the water you add the ice.

Teas strong require more time in hopes that the lighter. If you are using other herbs there is no risk of overexposure because they have fewer tannins.

Well, that what you should remember, working the tea you working, is that it is best used fresh tea and drink freshly made. That is the best secret. And if you want to save it in a bottle, then add a little lemon juice since the acidity of the lemon will help to preserve the flavonidos.