Cooking in The Summer

The kitchen of the winter and the summer is completely different. For this reason, when the heat starts we go making some changes in the kitchen to enjoy the summer with joy.

With the arrival of summer, certain transformations in the kitchen is often to adapt it to high temperatures.

Raise the power of the fridge so that put not bad food.

Put fruit, vegetables... to the fridge. In general, put it all.

Stews, soups... by cold pasta, salads, gazpacho, cold creams we change...

The delicious cakes that we were preparing in winter, transform in cakes Frost in summer. Best thing is to buy a refrigerator, as we will use it much.

We must be careful to cook and have very present hygiene because in winter the microbes are proliferating.

Consistent dishes and roasts are eaten very sporadically since the heat does not help the digestion and is more advisable to opt for lighter options.

The most important thing is hydration. We drink water all the time and is that the heat is very dangerous. recommended 2 litres of water a day, minimum.

Consume without excess is always the correct choice.

Heat encourages the development of bacteria, so in the kitchen must be careful in some ways to avoid problems.

It is advisable to not let more than two days in the fridge without eating and pay attention to its color and smell food.

We must be careful with the egg since it may contain bacteria that produces the Salmonella. Keep it in the fridge and cook well is essential to avoid health problems.