Lighting Kitchen Ideas

Today, a kitchen has a role that goes far beyond its main function of preparing meals: is a family reunion Center, a space to eat, to relax or to do homework! For this reason, it is important to carefully used all lighting elements that we have.

The most important of all is the general lighting. As a workspace, a good level of general lighting is essential. In modern kitchens, this is done many times with recessed ceiling spotlights. You do not fall into the common error align focuses on grid and avoid placing them in the center of the kitchen, leaving the tops in the dark. The best advice is put them in line with the edge of the countertop and direct light toward the cabinets or wall, so the light bouncing on them and do not create annoying shadows.

Another option is to install fluorescent tubes on top of the cabinets, so that the light reflects on the roof. This configuration gives good results in high ceilings kitchens and free enough space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling (minimum 30 cm).

Secondly, there are to design the lighting for work areas. To this end, the best solution are hidden under the cabinets - lamps can either embedding them, or hide them behind a stick secured to the edge. Here, the ideal is to use compact fluorescent or LED. Avoid halogen bulbs, due to its high temperature.

Finally, if the kitchen has an island or bar American type, must illuminate either with recessed ceiling spotlights or, if the ceiling height permits - minimum 2.4 m-, with hanging lamps.