Cooking Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for cooking

You it happened once that you have left the hard flesh, you have left the black aluminium casserole, you repeated the garlic or you left hands with smell of fish or onion to manipulate them? because you mention below some tricks to do so:

-So your pans or buckets of aluminium not matching black when you you cook food in them, put a slice of lemon; It may be 1 bark or half open.

-If you think that the meat is going to be hard when you guises meat with sauce as round or ragout, put a clean large bottle Cork; You will get that it softens.

-If you repeat the shallots or garlic or you is incomprehensible, just cut it in half lengthwise and remove the central seed.

-To eliminate that such an unpleasant smell of fish or onions from the hands, moisten and throw them a couple of tablespoons of salt; cortatelas well and clarify.

-Get out the white rice you loose, add to the water to cook a few drops of lemon juice per liter of water.

-If hit you the dough into the mold of pastry, not you never wash it with detergent, you must clean it best with an old rag or paper towel and rinse with water.