Ideas for Painting The Kitchen Walls

If you are reforming the kitchen and want to do some tasks yourself to save money, don't miss the tricks we explain below to paint the walls without having to seek the help of a professional.

Recommend you paint the wall with a satin lacquer enamel suitable for this type of environments. Choose the color you like, buy beater tape to protect those parts of your room that you want to protect, covers the ground with plastic and finally, buy brushes and rollers to spread the paint.

When you have all these materials you will cover parts of your room that you don't want to paint with the beater tape and plastic. Then apply an acrylic primer water on all the walls of your kitchen, waiting that the material has dried completely while specifies the manufacturer on the packaging, and finally applied enamel satin lacquer.

A Council is to start painting in parts of more difficult access for your kitchen or in the areas of Union. Remember to ventilate your kitchen well so do not accumulate that annoying smell of paint.

If you have any doubts and do not know what paint to use, we recommend for example enamel satin lacquer of polyurethane with Teflon. You can be found in any DIY in your city centre and it is one of the best options, it provides resistance, repels dirt and dust, and is easy to clean. And finally, don't forget to respect the drying times that specifies the manufacturer between the first and the second layer.