How to make vegetarian barbecue

If you love only the classic barbecue recipes without meat does not do for you: here are tips for cooking a barbecue and the original extent of vegetarians.

How to make vegetarian barbecue

1) - Tofu and Seitan: let marinate for a few minutes in olive oil and herbs. You can also use it for the skewers with mixed vegetables.

2) - Asparagus: Remove the hard part and let them roast for few minutes on the grill. Toss with oil, few drops of fresh lemon and chopped capers.

3) - eggplant, zucchini and peppers: the classic vegetables that are not lacking in any self-respecting barbecue. Prepare delicious kebabs with vegetables only.

4) - Cheese: Not all types of cheese are fit to be grilled, but it will surely give your vegetables a touch greedy and very sleek!

5) - Peaches and pineapple: quick to prepare, grill them just a few minutes you can accompany with a scoop of ice cream with a tablespoon of cottage cheese or you can make fruit kebabs.