Tips for a Healthy Kitchen

Many poisonings occur by lack of cleanliness and hygiene in food preparation and cooking in general. Knows some recommendations in this regard.

Kills germs in the kitchen: does not lack that you throw away hours rubbing, just follow a few simple rules of prevention.

♦ Always wash hands before cooking, hair pick you up and take off your rings and bracelets.

♦ Do not put in the same site that are going to wash and it is already clean vegetables. Do not use the same flour to flour the fish and meat.

♦ Clean the refrigerator once a month. The freezer should be defrosted when the ice reaches half a centimeter.

♦ There are foods that are incompatible and cannot be saved in the same place: for example, the
onions emit gases that affect the flavor of the potatoes.

♦ Keep fruits and vegetables in bags with holes so that they can "breathe" and retain its texture and nutrients intact.

♦ Clean the faucets frequently, because in them is all dirt out of the pipes that can be passed to the food.

♦ Prevents filters; If they are not changed or cleaned very often, accumulations of bacteria and other microorganisms that go overboard directly occur.