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Easy Recipes healthy raw carrot salad Apple

This is one of my favorite raw food recipes. I served this family for many functions, holidays and special occasions and gatherings has been and is always a great success. Like the old apple of our mother, the carrot salad recipe, but this is one of the recipes of raw food diet that does not use mayonnaise, fillers, sugar, salt, cooked, canned, processed or non-living. All ingredients are alive, life, raw vegan, gluten-free and healthy. Kids love this salad and it's so good for them. This is a good healthy salad to send them to school in their lunch box or bag, or for you to take. Work or school

All fillers and binders for this old raw salad has been replaced with healthy sweet orange juice. It is easy to increase the ingredients of this salad with duplication, if you want to take a larger amount to a dinner or take a lot of companies coming. And it's relatively cheap to fix your ingredients are not expensive. Use organic if possible, especially apples

Healthy Raw Carrot Salad Apple


Apples, carrots, raisins and currants, orange (s), lemons, ginger root, fresh or frozen. and optional nuts and coconut

For a small salad:

2 apples, organic, cored and grated shell - with sweet apples as Galas are BEST4 Jonagolds or carrots, organic, not cleared, peeled and grated1 cup of organic raisins or currants1 cup orange juice, lemon juice newly squeezed4 T, freshly grated lemon squeezed2 T zest3 teaspoon fresh ginger root or nuts frozen1 / 2 cup soaked overnight or at least 6 hours, then chopped, dried Optional2 T shredded coconut, optional

Grate apples, carrots and ginger root and place in large bowl. Add the raisins and currants, orange juice, lemon juice and lemon zest. Add nuts and coconut just before serving optimal or spray after dishing up. Or serve both aside and let guests help themselves. Some people do not like coconut and some do not like nuts or have allergies to nuts or dried fruits.

In any case, I'm sure to find what I do think this is a good salad to make in a hurry or have on hand for lunches, snacks and family meals. Healthy recipes raw food diet is always good to have on hand and in addition to providing a nutritious meal you know you're contributing to the health of all. This salad is a good diet also for those who need a good healthy snack of raw foods in your diet to lose weight.