Simple Cooking Tips

Do you get lumps in your white sauce? When you make a white sauce (b ้ chamel) or any sauce that requires slow cooking to thicken use a Whisk egg and you can raise the temperature (not too much though) to accelerate up.and you wont get any links in it.

Turn your barbeque open to a Gourment oven. Want to try a new barbecue recipes that require a hood for the grill that you might not have. Try using a wok lid or a domed lid. This works very well. Perfect for roasted meat in camp.

Never buy frozen pastry again. Do you hate making short pastry. Use a kitchen areas planted instead of the usual hand method. Use slightly less liquid than can be run in recipe.Just areas planted until all the dough forms a ball. If it will not form into a ball, you just need a little more fluid. The liquid depends on what recipe you use for your wares.

Make your scones look more like rock cakes? Make your scones in a kitchen veena. Many people can not make scones whatever. Usually the problem is too much to handle. Using veena eliminates this problem.

Also try to make your scones to the people or the family sitting at the table waiting. In other words, the less time you take means less handling. The mixture should be quite moist not dry when you add the milk.

Turn onto a well floured board and the top a few times with the fingertips to draw the extra four in. This should only take about 5-8 seconds. Gently pat into shape and cut into what shaped scones you want - round or square, whatever.

Scones seem to come out best when cooked in what has been described as a rising oven. In other words, turn your oven on not too long before you start mixing your scones and when they are put into the oven still has not quite reached the desired temperature.

I learned this way of making scones when I was used to crew on a boat when I was younger and the guys would like morning tea and see if they could coax me into doing something. Hence my reference to a waiting audience. The oven was only a small bench gas oven and I would turn it to its maximum temperature, and then throw flour, butter and milk together. They were most impressed and I was most surprised by the outcome. I was not sure my expertise in Scone do what my mom would never make scones - her were the ones who came out of bullets.

I was later to convert my mom to make scones in the kitchen areas planted when she was around 65 and she was surprised that she finally learned how to make a scone that was edible.

I might add, scones became a regular morning tea mail

Is your curries tough? Having trouble working out whether a stew or curry is cooked. When the oil (fat) than the dish is cooked. All meat dish casseroles, some fat and when it released the meat is cooked.

Do you miss the magic ingredient? Do you have cooked ever a curry or stew and taste just need a little and you can not quite work out exactly what is needed. Perhaps it seems that the flavors do not really go together. It is a little intangible ingredient that is missing. Try a very small amount of sugar and you will be surprised how it seems to blend and mellow the flavors to a more harmonious combination. Flavors will cease to fight each other.

Whoops, you have ever slipped with the salt pot when cooking? Have you ever put just a little too much salt to a recipe. Never add sugar to correct this attempt to squeeze lemon juice.

I hate washing roasting pans. Would you like roasted potatoes occasionally, but hate to wash the pan afterwards. Here is a simple easy method and it uses less fat. Cut each potato with skin on, in the middle so you have the biggest cut area. Add a little margarine and spread it on the cut side of potatoes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper if desired.

Place buttered potatoes, buttered side down on a piece of aluminum foil wrap. Fold the foil and seal. Add a preheated oven 200 degrees and cook for about half an hour. When boiled extract and gently peel the foil off the potatoes and serve. Discard the foil in the trash, and voila - lovely scrisp roasted potatoes and no mess.